CREEDA and its team members have the tools, manuals, playbooks and other resources needed to develop and run world class incubators and accelerators.

The following are available for download and more information on each can be provided on request.


A range of presentations and papers focusing on international trends and sustainability for incubation, acceleration and coworking.

Best Practices in Technology Business Incubation for Commercialisation of Research for Indonesia 2019
Business Incubation Awareness 2020
Business Incubator Sustainability BIIA 2018
Business Models for Incubator Accelerator and Coworking Sustainability 2019
Global trends in entrepreneurship support 2018
Government Policy for Business Incubation 2020
Growing the food economy and innovation 2016
Incubation Global Trends and Value Propositions 2020
Incubator opportunities and challenges for ISBA Aapril 2021
Trends in business incubation 2016 update


A proven tool to help entrepreneurs assess their entrepreneurial traits, strengths and weaknesses. Best used for learning and to develop teams, it has been used for selection of people with entrepreneurial personality traits.

Assessment of Business and Entrepreneur Exercise
Growth entrepreneurs


The “Planets” tool is based on Temperament Theory and the Myers Briggs Type Indicators. It helps people to discover more about ourselves and others in a fun, user friendly, practical way, so that people can be aware of, value and appreciate others’ preferences. It is often used for team building and as a warm up for intensive training programs. More information on how it can be used is available.

The Planets


A proven home-based and small business growth program, a growth accelerator, focussed on facilitated peer to peer learning, designed to grow local economies by growing local businesses. Facilitator and other manuals are available.

Springboard Outline


A program to develop resilience, self-esteem and leadership. More information and guides are available on request.

Positive Choices Introduction