CREEDA Projects Pty Ltd.

Creating work opportunities through the development of people, enterprises and our communities

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6 Phillipps St
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Tel +61 2 64962902

CREEDA Projects works with a range of consultants including:

Julian Webb, 
Managing Director 
CREEDA Projects Pty Ltd, Australia,

Business Incubation (NBIA Award winner)

Seed Acceleration
Business Advisory services

Co-work and maker spaces

Policy and program development
Business Coaching and business facilitation
Monitoring and Evaluation

Business Incubation and Business Facilitation training

SME Research


Business incubation network and association development and management

Seed fund management

Small business research

Work in 50+ countries

Dr Kim Houghton, 
CEO Strategic Economic Solutions Pty Ltd, Australia

Economist specialising in regional economies and small businesses
Home based, micro and small enterprise development
Small Town Renewal
Monitoring and Evaluation
SME Research

Dr Michael Akhras, Sweden

Biotechnology commercialisation and incubation

Cheryl Gilroy, CEO People Dynamics Pty Ltd,  Australia

People development,

Leadership, teamwork, learning organisation development

Dr Mary Ann Gallagher, CEO ParaCentra, Berkley, USA

Participant Centred Training

Incubator manager train the trainer

Thea Chase, Telluride Venture Association, Colorado (USA)

Seed Acceleration

Business Incubation (NBIA Award winner)

Monitoring and Evaluation

Co-work spaces

Seed fund management


University entrepreneurship

Small business development centres (SBDC)

Amanda Kenyon, Australia

General business incubator development and evaluation

Policy and program development
Food industry development
Business Advisory Services

Small business research

Dr Ian Davies, Australia

Economist specialising in international trade, investment and SME development
Asia Specialist

Dr Hamish Webb, Australia


Research and data analysis

M&E and Impact Assessment

Co-work space

Heinz Fiedler, President SPICE Group(Science Park and Innovation Centre Expert Group), Germany

Science Parks, Technology Parks and business incubators

Incubator manager training

Stefan Schandera, Germany


Entrepreneurship training

Incubator manager training

Eastern Europe and Central Asia specialist

Roslyn Hughes, Managing Director, Origin Ventures Pty Ltd, Australia

Technology Incubation

Angel investing, venture capital and private equity specialist

John Mercer,

Business Incubation

Business Facilitation

Project Management

Business Management

Middle East Specialist

David Williamson, CEO Melbourne Innovation Centre, Australia

Mixed use incubation (NBIA award winner),

Co-work spaces

Helping unemployed start businesses – NEIS Program

Phil Kemp, CEO Business Foundations, Australia

Business Incubation

Business facilitation

Helping unemployed start businesses – NEIS Program

Supporting growth businesses

Neeraj Nepali, Nepal


Private Sector & Value Chain Development,

Sustainable Market Development (Business Environment),

Institution Development & Organisation Strengthening

Steve Giddings, CEO Frontier Coffee,  South Africa

Business incubation

Monitoring and evaluation

Agribusiness development

Food processing and Africa specialist

Advanced manufacturing


Incubator manager training

Jill Sawyer, South Africa

Business Incubation

Women’s business development programs

Roshan Seebaluck, Mauritius

Incubation management (Mauritius, Caribbean, Afghanistan)

Jim Thaller, CEO, Talier Trading, New York, USA

Speciality food industry development

Food processing and marketing specialist

Specialty food product development

Agribusiness incubation

Heidi Humala, Finland

SME internationalization


Incubator networks – infoDev regional networks

Mobile application labs

Innovation system development

Peter Harman, UK

Business Incubation

Monitoring and Evaluation

Incubator networks and associations

Incubator policy

Dinah Adkins, NBIA President Emeritus, USA

Business Incubation

Policy and Program development

Monitoring and Evaluation

Incubator Associations

Incubator research and best practices

RMP Jawahar, Manager TREC STEP, India

Technology Business Incubation

Seed fund management

Dr Suresh Kumar, Manager PSG STEP India

Technology Business Incubation

Seed fund management

Asia Pacific Incubation Network

Tom Strodtbeck, UK

Incubator training and best practices

Seed Acceleration – GANN manager

Cesar Yammal, CEO Innovos Group, Argentina

Monitoring and Evaluation

Innovation Strategies

Incubator program development

Latin America specialist

Incubator manager training

Dr Bong Jin Cho, Korea


Editor Asia Pacific Journal of Entrepreneurship

Technology Incubation

Hadi Purwadaria, Indonesia

Agribusiness incubation – Bogor

Indonesian incubator association and policy development